Is this Course for YOU?

Are you:

  • Expanding in your career, or family or starting a new business?
  • Disappointed with your current level of results?
  • Riding on fumes at the end of the day (perhaps even approaching burnout or exhaustion)?
  • Feel like you can’t take on even “one more thing”?
  • Frustrated with experiencing overwhelm, information overload, or spinning your wheels AND you know there MUST BE a better way! (yes, there is!)

OR Do you want:

  • To take control of YOUR life?
  • To grow in self-awareness and self-mastery.
  • INCREASED clarity, peace of mind, effectiveness, results, and happiness!

ONLY 15 min/day

for a happier, more effective life!

What do YOU get?

The course is designed to assist you in learning YOUR personal PEAK PERFORMANCE formula. 

You will think better and feel smarter (you might even BE smarter).

You will have one integrated fulfilling life vs. a FULL and busy life you might have while trying to attain “work/life balance.”

You will replace stress, doubt, distraction, overwhelm and too busy with CLARITY, CONFIDENCE, JOY/HAPPINESS, CAPACITY, EXTRA TIME, ENERGY and RESULTS.

Here is what some graduates say:

I’m happier than ever with myself. Confident in my views and opinions, reconciled internal differences that previously had me feel torn in directions. Relationship with husband is strengthened in communication, partnership and fun. I am (positively) impacting others without necessarily spending a lot of time with them. I laugh more and am kinder to people — smiling more, thinking of their needs, more happy to “give myself” to do something for others.

~G. Wong, Singapore

This course is the most practical approach I’ve encountered about lifestyle changes. Certainly other practitioners have mentioned lifestyle and stress reduction, but noon has had any suggestions or guidelines.

~ R. Bittner, USA

The course gave me the tools to be very clear on what it is that I really wanted from my life. And then I found the day-to-day steps I needed to take to create that life I wanted. The happier I am with my progress has translated into more clients and opportunities knocking down the door. And the more my life is in flow, the richer and more satisfied I feel.

I’ve come out at the end of 100 days feeling more confident, more prepared, and more motivated.

~ C. West, USA

What is the purpose of the Course?

Simply put: MORE YOU (and more of what you want your life to be).

This course is customized by, and unique for, YOU. 

This is a personal Journey to MORE of your BEST SELF.  When there is MORE YOU, everything gets easier.   This course is an answer to learning how to deal effectively with the complexity, chaos, and uncertainty we face in today’s world.

Drawing from the Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi’s extensive research on FLOW: the psychology of optimal experience, this Course assists you in creating a lifestyle of flow.

When your life is in flow

  • There is plenty of time.
  • You are flooded with feelings of enjoyment.
  • You have an energized focus.
  • You accomplish more in less time.
  • You have an experience of being completely present, even one with the universe

The flow experience allows you to become even more unique and at the same time more connected with others.

Why 15 min/day for 100 days?

Because that is how we build sustainable new thinking and new habits — a little bit every day.   The course is long enough for you to RELAX and to produce significant shifts and/or changes that last for years.

This is NOT about doing a course perfectly.  It IS about bringing awareness to your life and your desires, putting YOUR LIFE in flow (or at least having it work smoothly the way you want it to work).

A lot of life happens in 100 days – what you learn in the course helps you navigate all that happens (even the unwanted and unexpected) with more grace, ease, confidence, and enjoyment.  It is a gentle, respectful, profound journey of change.  See our philosophy and approach.

Want Logistics, Details, More Information?

The best way to get a sense of it is to do the first 7 days inside of the free trial. EXPERIENCE for yourself whether this approach of observation, reflection and  new habit formation, will support you in re-calibrating your life and reaching your goals.

Opt out if it isn’t a fit for you.

It is ALL online, so you choose the time of day you do everything.  A live online weekly Q&A session is additional AND optional.

For more information please see our FAQ.

Want a 7 min (narrated) overview of the YOU@the Center Journey?

Still on the fence?

Have you been thinking about doing the YOU@the Center Course, but you still aren’t sure?

That is what the free trial is for, so you can EXPERIENCE it and determine whether it is a structure that will work for you.

Regardless of whether you choose to continue, we believe you will find the first week valuable.


So… here is the deal:

  • Take the Course FREE for the first 7 days.
  • Get all pre-course information and everything else during the first week.
  • Opt out on Day 7, if it isn’t for you. We will send you a reminder email.
  • If you choose to stay in the Course, your credit card will be charged the $495 tuition on Day 8.
  • We look forward to getting your feedback about your experience and the value of the first 7 days.

Watch the Y@C Exercise (a 10 min “intro” to what it might look like to design a “new normal”  for your life with YOU at the Center).

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