Why “YOU at the Center of Your Life” Was Created

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Why-You-at-the-centerI think most people have a strong fundamentally desire to “be their best self” and have their lives matter in a real way – whether that is being more fully available to their loved ones, doing excellent work, or even fulfilling a big purpose.

I also think that many people are dealing with a certain overwhelm or dissatisfaction with their lives or their personal ability to do everything they want to do, as well as they want to do it. It sounds a lot like this: “It seems that I am pulled in too many directions. No matter what I am doing, there is something else that needs urgent attention. I feel like I am always letting someone down or that what I do is not enough.”

All of us can relate to this experience of life on occasion. It is costly (to our thinking, our relationships and our performance) to be in this state on a regular basis. So what can we do?

“The pace of life is accelerating. The only way

to change (evolve) fast enough to stay ahead,

is by slowing down and creating a ‘re-set’

of how we think and how we live.”

~ Rachel Davis, PhD

I agree with what Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (Psychologist Professor & Claremont University and Best Selling Author of Flow: the psychology of optimal experience) says:


“A joyful life is an individual creation that cannot

copied from a recipe… It begins with achieving

control over the contents of our consciousness.”


And I add “achieve control over the reality of our life.”

The 100-Day Course™ is designed to be a structure for individuals to re-set and re-design their life — gaining control of both their consciousness and the details of their life so they can experience a deeply-satisfying lifestyle that is sustainable over the long haul. Of course it needs to be individually designed to fit their personal and leadership needs. Our Frequently Asked Questions covers most questions people have and our Course Page covers the overall approach. You can register for the next course staring May 10/11, 2015 here. If you have more questions please free to write us: GetCentered@YouAtTheCenter.com

For those not ready to invest in taking our 100-Day Course, we offer a free weekly newsletter – The Weekly Space to support you in putting YOU back in the Center and re-gaining your balance. If you missed our invitation to sign up, you can do it here.