About Rachel Davis, PhD

quoteMy fundamental purpose is to assist others to realize their vision and fulfill their purpose, while living a deeply satisfying and sustainable lifestyle. From my perspective, unleashing our full creativity and leadership requires creating a new normal where YOU are at the Center of Your Life.

Rachel draws from academic research and her extensive practical experience to meet people where they are and move them quickly to their next level of leadership, service and real-world impact without sacrificing what is important to them. A PhD in Communication, her experience with 100,000+ people in 12 countries gives her a unique perspective and approach.

In her business she speaks, writes, consults and designs curriculum focused on expanded leadership and performance. She specializes in working with Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and Women Leaders.

Davis is the author of

YOU at the Center of Your Life™: Finding Your Balance and Your Brilliance

YOU@the Center™ Workbook: Building a Deeply Satisfying and Sustainable Life and the designer of the YOU at the Center of Your Life 100 Day Course™.

YOU@the Center™ philosophy and approach